I'm Nathan. Welcome to my website

About me

I’m a software developer in the Western North Carolina area. I like working on software projects where I get to think of “data infrastructure,” which in my mind covers everything from setting up React components to ETL development. I find my motivation to be placed on projects with real business or personal impact. My academic training was in pure mathematics where I focused on real analysis. In the past I’ve worked as a nanny, a technical writer, and as a yoga instructor, amongst other things.

My favorite past times include reading ribbonfarm, e-biking, and watching John Coogan videos.

Past Projects

A remote-first one-on-one math tutoring agency.

A Julia Set Generator for a rational family
This is a fractal generator, built on math similar to that behind the Mandelbrot set, just with a different function.

Mirror Article Scrapper
A tool to scrape the Areweave blockchain for all Mirror.xyz posts. I used this to produce analysis of all mirror publications for the Labs division of Diamond DAO. Could be used to scrape data from other Areweave apps.

Colony Graph Scraper and ETL
A pipeline for scraping data from the Colony DAO platform and ingesting it to the chainverse graphQL database.

Discord Data ETL
After designing the data model for the discord data extracted from our bot, I built an ETL to load the data into the Chainverse AWS buckets.

Generate Merkle Tree
A little project to transform data scraped through twitter into a merkle tree, to be used for an NFT mint whitelist.

The Chainverse Discord Bot
The Chainverse Discord Bot collects data from communities to ingest into the Chainverse. Built during my product residency with Diamond DAO.

Ngram generator
Some code build to generate Ngrams based on user input, to generate random works for the Lootlang NFTs.

Things to CSV
A Python3 tool to export your Things 3 database to a CSV, using the Things Python API.****